On the efficiency and quality of numerical solutions in CFD problems using the Interface Strip Preconditioner for domain decomposition methods

Rodrigo Rafael Paz, Norberto Marcelo Nigro, Mario Alberto Storti


In this paper, the efficiency and the quality of the solutions obtained with a new parallelizable preconditioner for Domain Decomposition Methods (DDM) by means of Finite Element discretization of partial differential equations arising in the context of CFD problems is studied. We compare the convergence to the analytical solution or measured data for problems that have been considered as `benchmarks' in the computational fluid dynamic literature. For this purpose, we study the solution obtained via parallelized iterative methods that have been extensively used (e.g. CG and GMRES global iteration and its variants) in CFD computations and those obtained with the Interface Strip (IS) preconditioner for the Schur Complement method. The idea is to present the new solver as an alternative to obtain more accurate and faster solutions in the context of monolithic and non-monolithic CFD schemes. For this purpose, the confined internal flows and external viscous compressible/incompressible flow around (complex-shape) bodies are considered.[International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 52, pp. 89-118 (2006)]

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