Modelos Digitales De Elevacion Para simulación Computacional De Inundaciones: Interferometria Vs Cartografia

Pablo Euillades, Marcelo Vénere, Alejandro Clausse, Luis Vives, Marcelo Varni, Eduardo Usunoff


A numerical study comparing the performance of surface water-flow simulations
when using two different digital elevation models (DEM) is presented. The study was carried
out over a 10,000 km2 plain region of the Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. The first DEM
was generated using the Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) technique to interpolate from
cartography at 1:50,000 scale. The other DEM was constructed by means of interferometric
processing from a pair of tandem SAR images. In both cases 20m-size pixels were used. At
large scale the general shape of the two models are similar. However, at lower scales the
interferometric model shows far more details, like roads sides and local depressions. These
low-scale details play a crucial role in surface flow simulation in very flat regions.

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