Computational Model For Non-Isothermal Melt Spinning Flows: The Low Take Up Velocity Range.

Mariel L. Ottone, Marta B. Peirotti, Julio A. Deiber


This work shows the interrelation between non-isothermal melt spinning flows and
the isothermal extensional flow described through rheometry. This analysis uses the iterative
numerical algorithm presented by Ottone and Deiber1 for non-isothermal melt spinning flows
in the low take up velocity range. The results obtained for two take up velocities (1500 and
2500 m/min) are then shown in the extensional rheometric map composed by the lines of the
steady state rheometric extensional viscosity as function of the extensional rate at different
parametric temperatures. Then the search of scaling functions that allows one the formulation
of master curves relating both flows is analyzed and discussed.

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