An Interface Strip Preconditioner for Domain Decomposition Methods

Mario Alberto Storti, Lisandro Daniel Dalcín, Rodrigo Rafael Paz, Amdrea Yommi, Victorio Enrique Sonzogni


A preconditioner for iterative solution of the interface problem in Schur Com- plement Domain Decomposition Methods is presented. This preconditioner is based on solving a problem in a narrow strip around the interface. It requires much less memory and computing time than classical Neumann-Neumann preconditioner and its variants, and handles correctly the flux splitting among subdomains that share the interface. Per- formance of this preconditioner is assessed with an analytical study of Schur complement matrix eigenvalues and several numerical experiments conducted in a sequential compu- tational environment. Even if the crucial practical test will be the implementation in a production parallel code, the results shown here are promising.

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