An Automatic System For Electrodynamic Shaker Control By Acceleration Power Spectral Density.

Herbert M. Gomes, Franklin S. Ferreira, Carlos A. K. Thomes, Douglas S. Gaspareto


This work presents the main results of an electrodynamic shaker’s closed loop active control
to generate Accelerations Power Spectral Densities (PSD) according to prescribed Standards. The
main idea starts generating pseudo-signals obeying the power spectral density and then acquiring
acceleration data from electrodynamic shaker’s behaviour. It was notice that for piecewise narrow
bands frequencies the electrodynamic shaker acceleration responds near lineally with frequency and
with voltage input signals. It was developed a code in Agilent VEE 7.5 (2005)a, b software to acquire,
send and process signals for the control in real time. The hardware used a sound card from a PC. The
control could be accomplished sending and acquiring at the same time with a range of input/output of
±1,5V, at 48 kHz, 16bits of resolution and assist of an external sound amplifier.

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