A Mass-Preserving Geometry-Based Reinitialization Method for the Level Set Function

Roberto F. Ausas, Enzo A. Dari, Gustavo C. Buscaglia


In this paper we describe and evaluate a geometric
mass-preserving redistancing procedure for the level set function
on general structured grids. The proposed algorithm is adapted
from a recent finite-element-based method and preserves the mass
by means of a localized mass correction. A salient feature of the
scheme is the absence of adjustable parameters. The algorithm is
tested in two and three spa- tial dimensions and compared with a
state-of-the-art PDE-based redistancing method using structured
Cartesian grids. Through the use of quantitative error measures
of interest in level set methods, we show that the overall
performance of the proposed geometric procedure is better than
state-of-the-art PDE- based reinitialization schemes. We also
show that the algorithm is well–suited for the highly–streched
curvilinear grids used in CFD simulations.

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