A Numerical Method for an Electromagnetic Forming Problem in Axisymmetric Domains

Alfredo Bermúdez, Carlos Reales, Rodolfo Rodríguez, Pilar Salgado


Electromagnetic forming (EMF) is a dynamic, high strain-rate forming method. In this process, deformation of the work piece is driven by the interaction of a current induced in the same work piece by a magnetic field generated by an adjacent coil. The aim of this work is to study a simplified electromagnetic model governing the phenomena in axisymmetric domains. We present a time-dependent
variational problem for this and establish well-posedness. To solve the weak problem, we develop a computational code that uses finite elements for the space variable and implicit time-discretization. Moreover, a priori error estimates for the semi-discretized problem are proved. Finally, some numerical
experiments which allow assessing the performance of the method are reported.

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