Algunos Problemas Básicos de Vibraciones Transversales de Placas Circulares Anisótropas

Diana V. Bambill, Carlos A. Rossit, Patricio A. Laura, Raúl E. Rossi


Ninety years ago J. Airey, published the first tabulation of natural frequency coefficients of circular isotropic plates ("The vibration of circular plates and their relation to Bessel functions" Proc. Phys. Soc. London, vol. 23, pp. 225-232).
Many investigators improved and completed Airey's values, considering additional complexities in fact of the technological interest ofthe problem.
This is not the case when dealing with circular plates of generalized anisotropy, which has not been treated in the open literature.
This paper presents a short survey of results, which have been recently obtained at the Universidad Nacional del Sur, dealing with the following cases -solid anisotropic circular plates with simply supported or clamped boundary-anisotropic annular plates which have a simply supported or clamped outer boundary and are free at the inner boundary-solid anisotropic circular plates, with simply supported or clamped outer boundary and a central point support

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