Análisis de la Estructura de un Ómnibus Urbano Adaptado al Uso como Vehículo con Propulsión Híbrida

G. M. Taraba, D. J. M. Serangeli, José Pablo Cebreiro


This paper shows the modifications that you should have to introduce in the structure design of a serial production urban bus, if you want substitute the standart propulsion system, by a hybrid propulsion series system. A low floor bus made in Argentina was selected. One of the goals of this work is to reduce as soon as posible, the number of modifications previously named, in order to avoid high costs. This paper shows the preliminar analysis of the final structure, under de action of various loads, by the finite element method, using the 7.3 version of the Strap program. As a result of this work, new ideas and criterions appears in order to improve the structure design of buses.

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