Una Formulación para Flujo Incompresible con Efectos de Cambio de Fase

Marcela Cruchaga, Diego Celentano


An incompressible flow formulation considering phase-change effects is presented in this work.
This fonnulation accounts for natural convection, temperature-dependent material properties and it includes a generalized phase-change model. In the context of the finite element method. the Navier-Stokes equations together with the balance energy equation are solved applying a "generaliZed streamline operator" technique. This methodology enables the use of equal order interpolation for the variables of the flow problem. Moreover, it does not require the classical penalization procedure in order to adjust the incompressibility condition. In the thermal problem the non linear terms due to phase-change are described with a temperature-based algorithm that provides convergence and stability to the numerical solution. The algebraic solution procedure of
the coupled problem is attempted via a staggered technique such that an incremental-iterative scheme is used for the solution of each problem where the convergence criteria are written in tenns of the respective residual vectors. Finally, this fonnulation is checked in the analysis of a solidification problem in a cavity.

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