Cálculo Térmico con Radiación en Base a Códigos Resolvedores de la Ecuación de Fourier

H. H. Brito, L. Lifschitz, R. Duelli, R. Dean


The aim of this work is to describe a FORTRAN procedure intended to help users of Fourier equation solvers to extend their capabilities to steady state or transient thermal analysis including radiation.
Based upon a previously generated model, this procedure is built around the calculation of the interelement view factors and "equivalent" convection coefficients, which account for the radiation exchanges as the Neumann boundary conditions for the Fourier equation. The model temperature field is produced by the solver for the boundary conditions being adjusted in every calculation step. The procedure run in PC-based workstations: it com-municates with the solver by reading their output files and by modifYingtheir input files, in an iterative computing scheme. A procedure validation has been performed by means of test cases and analysis of temperature telemetry data from μSAT-1 "VICTOR" microsatellite in LEO.

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