CFD Presenta: Comprensible + Incomprensible. Un Matrimonio por Conveniencia

N. Nigro, M. Storti, S. Idelsohn


This paper presents several numerical results using a vectorized version of a 3D finite element compressible and nearly incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokcs code.
The assumptions were set on laminar flows and newtonian fluids. The goal of this research is to show the capabilities of the presented code to treat a wide range of problems
appearing in laminar fluid dynamics towards the unification from incompressible to compressible and from inviscid to viscous flow codes. In this paper we have used a physics based preconditioner to GMRES implicit solver developed in [5}and an SUPG formulation for the semidiscretization of the spatial operator. In this paper we show the
capabilities of this unified formulation by several numerical results covering a wide range of interesting problems.

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