Conexión no Conforme de Mallas de Elementos Finitos Mediante una Formulación Híbrida

Luiz Quiroz Larrea, Patricio Ibáñez Elissalde


Nowadays, the ideal Computer Aided Design is a process where the user only creates the geometric model of parts and their physical behavior analysis is done in an automatic and transparent way.
In this sense, the generation of the analysis model (here, the finite element model) from the geometric model is the fundamental problem. Available mesh generators cannot produce automatically compatible meshes in parts with complex geometry. Therefore, to generate the mesh in complex domains the model should be divided in several
parts or simple geometric subdomains before applying mesh generators. TIle result is an incompatible discretization on the interface between two subdomains.
In this work, a procedure to connect incompatible or nonconforming meshes automatically generated in subdomains is presented. The proposed procedure uses a formulation similar to hybrid finite element formulation
and is called continuous connection.

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