Un Simple Modelo Numérico para el Estudio de la Electrificación de Nubes

Carlos M. Scavuzzo, Giogio M. Caranti


A 3D cloud electrification model is presented. In it actual laboratory data on individual ice-ice collisions involving fracture is incorporated. An eight categories discrete particle spectrum is used. The particle are moved by the wind and de grabity force. The ecuations for the charge and particle concentrations are resolved by finite difference on a grid of 500m in a cubic domain of 16km.
It is shown that high fields (400 kv/m) are produced by this kind of interaction in the expected times (4 min). and the fragments increase the number of only one of them. It is also found that positive and negative charges overlap considerably but their superposition results in a highly stable stratification formiD.ga vertical dipole (or tripole) structure. The stability of this results is also discuss.

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