Miscible Flow Through Porous Media with Dispersion and Adsortion

Susana C. Gabbanelli, Carlos A. Grattoni, Mirtha S. Bidner


The partial differential nonlinear equation which describes the onedimensional flow of miscible fluids through porous aedia with dispersion and Langmuir equilibriua adsorption is nuaerically solved by finite
Local truncation error is determined and von Neumann stability analysis is applied. In order to eliminate either numerical dispersion or unstability, weighting parameters and distance and time increments are
conveniently adjusted.
Finite differences results are verified with the exact solution for the linear adsorption case. They are obtained for different boundary conditions, whose influence is discussed.
Numerical solutions are matched with experimental results from Szabds (1) polymer flooding tests. Differences between numerical and experimental
results are minimized applying optimization techniques to obtain the most suitable physical parameters.

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