An Analytical Solution for Hydrogen/Nitrogen Jet Diffusion Flames

Greice da S. Lorenzzetti, Francieli A. Vaz, Álvaro L. de Bortoli


The combustion processes induce pollution and environmental problems; therefore, the accurate control of turbulent flames appears as a real challenge. These processes are highly complex, and involve turbulent mixing, heat transfer, radiation and chemistry. Analytical solutions for sets of mixingreacting equations help us to understand the mechanisms of nonlinear effects. Therefore, the aim of this work is the development of an analytical solution for H2/N2 jet diffusion flame for moderate Reynolds and high Damköhler. The Reichardt’s equation is used to approximate the flow, and consequently the mixture fraction. All thermochemical variables are determined from the mixture fraction since flames at moderate and high Reynolds are turbulent and the velocity/mixture fraction can be reasonably approximated by a diffusion equation. The analytical results compare reasonably with the experimental data showing that the method contributes to solve high temperature jet flames in a closed form.

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