Numerical Simulation of Two Phase Flow Using Hybrid Front-Tracking and Fourier-Spectral Methods

Mariana Fernandes S. Villela, Felipe Pamplona Mariano, Millena M. Villar, Aristeu da Siveira Neto


Numerical simulations and validations of two-phase flows are presented, using the Fourier pseudo-spectral method (FPSM) with a hybrid method front-tracking (FTM) and Front-Capturing (FCM). This newapproach wa s based in IMESPEC method, which couple FPSM with the immersed boundary method (IBM). Results for the simulations through manufactured solutions are presented for code verification, which show the highest accuracy order. Moreove r, initial numerical results are presented for the rise of a cylindrical bubble at low R eynolds number and for parasitic currents in a static drop, where the results reach the round-off errors.

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