Stress Analysis of Corrosion Pits Present on Curved and Plane Surfaces Considering Plasticity

Ricardo J. Bertin, João E. Abdalla Filho, Roberto D. Machado


Corrosion pits are insidious defects because they are difficult to detect due to their minute dimensions and because they act as stress intensifiers. In any steel structure, corrosion is always a major problem researched all around the world. The present study, investigates the stress distribution at a semi-elliptical corrosion pit on steel under static load using finite element analysis. A series of three-dimensional semi-elliptical pits are modeled by means of a systematic variation of the aspect ratio (a/2c) where a is depth and c is radius, both on a curve surface of a pipeline and on a straight block, for various tensile loadings. It is being considered non linearity of the material. The research attempts to correlate results from curved surface to plane ones.

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