Considerations About Non Linear Static Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Retrofitted

Marco Savoia, Nicola Buratt, Barbara Ferracuti, Pablo Martín, Gustavo Palazzo


In seismic areas there are a lot of buildings that need to be retrofitted. In some cases it is possible to apply fibre-reinforcement polymer/plastic (FRP) as rehabilitation method. Several researches have been developed with this technology in the last years. Also there are guides for the design of FRB systems for strengthening existing structures. But it is necessary to count with reliable methodologies for structural analysis of these structures retrofitted. In some cases the codes require non linear analysis for the verification of design proposed as retrofit. And in this area it is necessary to do new researches. Considering this topic, the object of this paper is to evaluate the possibility of the non linear static analysis for simulate the response of reinforced concrete (RC) frame retrofitted with FRP. We designed RC frames with an old Argentinian code. These 2 dimensions frames had one floor and one span. These frames were built and then subject to a pseudo static test. One of the frames was retrofit with FRB, and then it was again subject to a pseudo static test. With two finite element programs we created a numerical simulation of the frame with/without a retrofit with FRP, and emphasized the possibility of both programs. We evaluated and compared the responses obtained. In the conclusions we made consideration about the simulation of reinforcement concrete frame with FRP.

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