Application of a New TVD Sonic Fix for the Tóth Magnetogasdynamic Problem

Livio S. Maglione, Sergio A. Elaskar


The computational magnetogasdynamics is an important tool for the development of the interdisciplinary technologies for aerospace design. In this work is presented a modification of the original Harten-Yee TVD scheme by incorporating a new sonic fix for the acoustic causality points using the finite volume technique. The proposed sonic fix was previously implemented to solve timedependent, two-dimensional, ideal magnetogasdynamics equations. In this paper a new test case is simulated: 2.5D Tóht magnetogasdynamics Riemann problem. The numerical results obtained using the new sonic fix has shown to reduce the oscillations compared with the results calculated by the traditional Harten-Yee TVD scheme. The results also show that the new scheme is robust.

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