A Domain Decomposition Procedure For The Simulationof Waves In Fluid Saturated Composite Poroviscoelastic Media.

Claudia L. Ravazzoli, Juan E. Santos


This work presents an iterative domain decomposition finite element procedure to
solve the equations describing wave propagation in a porous medium composed of two weakly
coupled solids saturated by a single-phase fluid.
The plane wave analysis for this model shows the existence of three compressional and two
shear modes of propagation.
The equations of motion are formulated in the space-frequency domain including dissipation
in the solid matrix and frequency correction factors in the mass and viscous coupling coefficients.
First order absorbing boundary conditions are employed at the artificial boundaries of
the computational domain.
Examples showing the application of the algorithm for the numerical simulation of ultrasonic
wave propagation in a sample of water saturated partially frozen Berea sandstone are presented
and analyzed.

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