Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis Of The Film Condensation On A Vertical Fin Immersed In A Porous Medium

O. Bautistar, F. Méndez, P. Tamayo


In the present work, we treat theoretically the conjugate film-condensation heat transfer process on a vertical fin embedded in a homogeneous porous medium. Due to the finite thermal conductivity of the fin, the simultaneous thermal interaction between the vertical fin and the film condensation is presented. In order to predict the thickness of the condensate, the momentum and energy balance equations of the condensate and the energy equation for the fin are reduced to a non-linear system of two ordinary differential equations with three non-dimensional parameters: the Jakob number,, a conjugate heat transfer parameterJaαand the aspect ratio of the fin ε. Using the limit of and the boundary layer approximation for the film-condensation process, the nondimensional heat transfer and the overall mass flow rates of condensed fluid have been obtained as functions of the involved nondimensional parameters.

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