Arcane and Storm Database for the Integration of Different Calculation Tools

Eduardo A. Villarino


INVAP calculation line and codes are in continuous development using the improvements available in the computational systems such as the increase in the memory and storage capacity and reduction of computational time. These enhancements allow the development of innovative methods for reactor calculations, that allows to include not only more detailed theories and highly accurate numerical methods, but also more prediction capabilities and additional engineering information to perform the engineering analysis of the system. The INVAP’s propietary calculation line (I.Mochi 2010) integrates different tools with interdisciplinary or multi engineering information, improving the analysis of the calculated systems. It is based in CONDOR and CITVAP codes, but several additional tools can be used like, graphical or text based, pre and post processors to simplify the input preparation or output analysis. These computational tools allow the user to perform reactor physics calculations with a solid understanding of the set of characteristics that constitute an accurate model taking into account all the engineering aspects of the system under analysis.
As far as the integration between codes increases significantly the amount of multi engineering data available and requires a proper utilization of them by the user or analyst, a uniform interface is required to ease the proper utilization of these data and give to the analysts a solid understanding of the reactor design. To success with this uniform interface, INVAP develops three powerful computational tools: a) STORM, a hierarchy database structure for the calculation codes, b) X-Storm, a GUI utility to see the contents of the databases and c) ARCANE, a program to operate, combine and process all the data available in STORM format databases. This work describes these 3 computational tools in the frame of the INVAP calculation line, presenting its main characteristics and its potential capabilities.

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