A Multiscale Homogenization Scheme with the Virtual Element Method

Felipe Lopez Rivarola, Guillermo Etse, Matias Benedetto, Nicolás Labanda


Evaluations and predictions of the responsive behavior of complex heterogeneous materials such as cementitious mortars, soils, rocks or concretes, require a multi-scale approach. The overall characteristics of these materials strongly depend on processes that are occurring at different length scales, mostly reflecting the macro, meso and micro-scale levels. Various scale-levels are required to account for the different mechanisms that control the behaviour at different levels of detail. Among the different multi-scale schemes, those based on a homogenization procedures are more commonly used due to their versatility. In this research, a consistent homogenized multiscale approach is proposed for modelling mechanical and transport phenomena. A multiscale model, based in the Virtual Element Method (VEM), is implemented in a VEM2 setting. VEM allows for a great flexibility in the mesh, and is a powerful tool to characterize the complex RVEs geometries, reducing the amount of elements needed and hence saving time and resources.

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