Application of Second Order RANS Turbulence Modeling for the Numerical Simulation of Wind Flow over a Storage Tank

Juan P. Saldía, Sergio A. Elaskar, Luis F. Gutiérrez Marcantoni, Pascal Bruel


In this work, we consider the numerical modeling of the turbulent separated flow over a tank immersed in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL). A second-moment Elliptic Blending Reynolds Stress Model (EB-RSM) is employed for the numerical computation of mean pressure distributions over an isolated cylindrical storage tank. Numerical results are compared with those obtained through linear eddy viscosity models where isotropy of Reynolds stresses is assumed. The assessment of the numerical methodology is completed through the comparison with experimental results obtained in an ABL wind tunnel where different flow and geometrical conditions representative of oil storage tanks exposed to atmospheric winds are considered.

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