A Generalized Plane Strain Formulation For Continuous Casting Simulation.

José Risso, Alfredo Huespe, Alberto Cardona


Stress and plastic strain analysis are required to determine zones with risk of
internal cracking in the early stages of solidi¯cation in steel continuous casting processes.
The high computational cost of three-dimensional models with conveniently re¯ned meshes
puts a severe di±culty to use them in repetitive analysis required to determine cracking
susceptibility associated with variations in metallurgical parameters.
In this work, we describe numerical schemes based on the Generalized Plane Strain hy-
pothesis, using bi-dimensional models with temporal advance along strand axis.
Solutions obtained with these models are compared with semi-analytical 1D ones,1, 2 and
with solutions of axisymmetrical Eulerian-Lagrangian models for billet continuous casting
simulation.3 We ¯nd a good agreement with previous results, and a high reduction in
computation time.
Finally, we apply GPS model in slab continuous casting simulation comparing thermal
results with those obtained with three-dimensional models,3{5 describing stress and strain
results, and remarking some important issues related to crack sensitivity analysis.

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