Evaluation Of Deep Foundations In Tropical Residual Soil By A Semi Analytical Mathematical Procedure Coded In Industrial Software.

R. P. Cunha, P. Kuklík, J. Laurin


This paper focuses on the numerical simulation of deep foundations via existing
industrial application software. It presents experimental results from field loading tests
carried out with distinct deep foundations founded in the tropical residual (and collapsible)
soil of the city of Brasília, Brazil. The experimental curves of pile load versus displacement,
and load transfer along the pile’s shaft are presented, discussed, and numerically simulated by
a semi-analytical procedure. This procedure is coded in the industrial software denominated
GEO4, from the FINE Professional Civil Engineering Software Company. This software
computes the load-displacement curve of the pile’s head, plus the distribution of normal and
shear forces along the pile’s shaft. Although simple to use, the software has a large potential
for usage in design. It is concluded that this commercially available industrial software has
successfully aided the analysis, demonstrating its large potential for future application in the
whole South American continent.

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