SYMCOMP 2019 4th International Conference on Numerical and Symbolic Computation Developments and Applications

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SYMCOMP 2019  elects as main goals:

To establish the state of the art and present innovative applications and
guidelines on the use of Numerical and Symbolic Computation in the numerous
fields of knowledge, such as Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Economy and
Management, Architecture ...

To promote the exchange of experiences and ideas as well as the
dissemination of works developed within the wide scope of Numerical and
Symbolic Computation.

To encourage the participation of young researchers in scientific

To promote meetings from ECCOMAS and other scientific organizations members
dedicated to computation, and to encourage new partnerships.

The main topics of SYMCOMP2019  (but not limited to)  are:

Aerospace Engineering Applications
Financial Computational Modelling
Analytical Computation
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Computational Chemical Engineering
Graphical Computation
Computational Civil Engineering
Image Processing Applications
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation
Computational Intelligence
Management and Planning
Computational Mathematics
Management Information Systems
Computational Mechanics
Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing
Computational Physics
Computational Thermodynamics
Multi-scale Models
Computer Aided Architectural Design
Numerical Computation
Computing Health Applications
Parallel Computing
Data Management
Probabilities and Statistics
Didactical tools
Programming Languages
Dynamic Structural Analyses
Security, Audit, and Control
Dynamic Analyses of Systems
Simulation and Modelling
e-Science and Technology
Smart Materials Analysis
Economics Computational Modelling
Software Systems, Applications and Tools
Electrical Engineering Applications
System Identification, Modelling and Optimization
Evolutionary Algorithms
Symbolic and Numerical Applications
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