Modern Finite Element Technologies 2019

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The scope of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Modern Finite Element
Technologies is to provide a platform for the presentation of the
international scientific research on novel and advanced finite element
technologies. Numerical simulation techniques are an essential component
for the construction, design and optimisation of cutting-edge technologies
as for example innovative products, new materials as well as
medical-technical applications and production processes.
These important developments pose great demands on quality, reliability and
capability of numerical methods, which are used for the simulation of these
complex problems. Challenges are for example capture of incompressibility,
anisotropy and discontinuities. Existing computer-based solution methods
often provide approximations which cannot guarantee substantial, absolutely
necessary stability criteria respectively fulfill them. Especially in the
field of geometrical and material non-linearity such uncertainties appear.
The MFET Conference focuses on novel approaches for reliable simulation
techniques in solid mechanics, especially in the development of
non-standard discretization methods, mechanical and mathematical analysis.
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