Latin American Meeting In Artificial Intelligence. Khipu

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desde: 11-11-2019
hasta: 15-11-2019
Lugar: Montevideo, Uruguay.

Goals of Khipu
· To offer advanced training in topics around machine learning and
artificial intelligence in the region.

· To help strengthen the artificial intelligence and machine learning
community in Latin America. We aim to do this by fostering collaborations
among the Latin American research community, as well as strengthening its
connections and the exchange of knowledge with the broader international

The event will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, the 11th-15th of November
2019 and will be hosted at the Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de la
República, Uruguay. It will follow a similar format as the events organized
by our friends at the Deep Learning Indaba. As such, there will be a strong
summer school component, and moments where attendees from academia and
industry will be able to share their work. We are delighted to have a
wonderful initial set of speakers, with many more to come.
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