Fifth International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance

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Railways have always played a significant role in the development of the
wealth creation capabilities of society. The early roman wagonways, the
steam driven railways during the industrial revolution and the electric
railways of the late nineteenth and twentieth century are just a few of the
railway systems that have played a vital role in past infrastructure
development. The search for a fast, reliable and cost effective means of
transport that presents better energy efficiency and less impact on the
environment has resulted in renewed interest and rapid development in
railway technology. Following the success of many special sessions on
railway technology, held over the last few years in the Civil-Comp
Conference series, a new conference series was created in 2012. The first
conference was held in: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2012; the second in
Ajaccio, Corsica, in 2014; the third in Cagliari, Sardinia in 2016; and the
fourth in Sitges, Barcelona in 2018.

The themes for this conference will include (but are not limited to):

Rolling Stock
Energy and Environment
Signalling and Communication
Strategies and Economics
Emerging Technologies
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