[NotiAMCA] Pan American Conf. Non-Destructive Testing.

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Mie Feb 7 11:13:36 ART 2007

IV Pan-American Conference for NDT

October 22-26 of 2007, Buenos Aires - Argentina

We are pleased to invite you to participate of the IV Pan-American
Conference for  Non-Destructive Testing. This next edition will take place
from October 22-26 of 2007, at Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel & Resort

 The objectives of this Conference:

  ·           Promote the collaboration between scientific and technicians
interested in the applications and resolution of problems on the
Non-Destructive Testing Field;

  ·           Promote the integration of the American community in common
projects of investigation and development on the Non-Destructive Testing

  ·           Stimulate the participation of  young and professional
investigators (researchers)  on the topics of the Conference;

  ·           Promote the communication of scientific and technical
activities and  weld within the productive activities; all disciplines
contributing to the quality improvement of their products.

 This will be a unique opportunity for exchange, because, for the first
time in Latin America, ISO'S TC-135 (the Non-Destructive Test Committee
of the International Standards Organization) and PGP-ICNDT (Special
Policy and General Purpose Committee of the International Committee for
Non Destructive Testing) will hold their meetings concurrently. AAENDE is
a member of the latter, being the representative of our country there.  A
Mercosur Standards Meeting will also be held.

 Moreover, Technical Sessions and Related Activities will take place
(dictated by renew professionals on the field). The IV Pan-American
Conference for Non-Destructive Testing will thus present companies with a
major forum for promoting their products and services and interfacing
with their markets, while visitors will have a unique opportunity to
access the latest technologies, resource new contacts, meet industry
colleagues, keep up-to-date, review alternative strategies and see
hands-on demonstrations.

 The surface of the exhibition is almost 75% taken with companies from
Argentina, Brazil, United States, Spain and Czech Republic among others.
To became  Exhibitor or  Sponsor of the IV Pan-American Conference for
NDT will be a unique opportunity. Be part of this professional event
right now!

 For more information about inscriptions visit http://www.aaende.org.ar/ -
congresos en indexport.com.ar . For academic information visit
http://www.aaende.org.ar/ - info en aaende.com.ar, or (5411) 6772-7429/7257.
 For commercial information (booths / sponsoring) contact 
gaston.posse en indexport.com.ar or (5411) 4779-2006 ext.120, Fax: (5411)

Ing. Carina R. Caballero

Buenos Aires 1400 - CP (8300)
Tel: (54) 299 4490347 ; Fax: (54) 299 4422836
 Neuquén - ARGENTINA

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