Estudio del Método de Nube de Puntos 2-D Aplicado a la Ecuación de Laplace (Flujo Potencial) sobre el Perfil Naca 0012

Javier Maggioli, Sergio Idelshon


This research deals with one of the 'free mesh' methods used to resolve numerically a discreted differential equations system. This means that the unknown function and its derivates discretization are obtained just starting from the studied domain points coordinates. The domain discretization will need an array of points. Certainly, this is easier and faster as compared to the geometrical elements topology required by the classic FEM and FVM methods, specially in 3D applications. The method was applied to a NACA 0012 profJIe in a potential flow (Laplace equation). The results show the good approximation reached even
when the profile has few points.

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