A Comparison of Buckling Performance of Rivet and Friction Stir Welding Stiffned Panels

Eliseu Lucena Neto, Francisco A. C. Monteiro, Hugo H. Ruela


The introduction of friction stir welding (FSW) as an alternative joining process for traditional rivet fastening for primary aircraft structures has the potential to lower manufacturing costs and structural weight. Methods for strength analysis and design are currently under development. In this context, the present work aims to highlight the main differences between local buckling strength behavior of FSW and rivet stiffened panels. Several stiffener panels, with a variable number of stiffeners and joining type, subject to uniform compression are numerically tested utilizing finite element models. The obtained results are compared to simplified analytical results currently employed in design. A first insight on the critical buckling performance between riveted and welded designs is then allowed.

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