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Spinning projectile at 5200RPM, 360kmh and 15° attack. Colors on the body skin represent vorticity. The yellow line and the red rocket represent the undisturbed velocity. Sense of rotation is clockwise (seen from the front of the projectile). Due to superposition of the undisturbed velocity and the spinning of the projectile a Magnus force is developped. The animation show initially fuild particle trajectories. The particles areinjected at certain points upwind from the projectile and at certain heights. Then trajectories of particles at the rear part of the projectile are shown. Finally the trajectories of "friction particles" are shown. (download preprint)
Flutter of a plate in supersonic flow (Mach=3.2). This example is fully described in an article that appeared in Journal of Sound and Vibration (download preprint, doi).
This benchmark was proposed in Tam and Radovitzky. The simulation corresponds to a supersonic flow transverse to an initially-flat structure made of an elastic fabric. The flow is inviscid and slip conditions are assumed on the skin of the plate. Initially, the steady flow is established for the plate at a rigid position and a bow shock is formed. Then the plate is released to bend freely, with the constraint that the plate ends can only slide in the vertical direction. Due to the high difference of pressure between both sides of the plate, it initially bends. An expansion fan is formed behind the plate, during this initial phase. After a point of maximum bending is reached the stiffness of the plate starts to react and the plate straightens to its original position. Strategy for mesh-movement (relocation of nodes) is described in an article appeared in Int J Num Meth Engng ( download preprint,doi)
This animation shows a structure of 1746 trusses. The left end of the array has an imposed harmonic motion (see more truss results).
Solution obtained for the problem of natural convection of air in square cavity with differentially heated vertical walls at Ra=1.6e9
Ellipse falling at supersonic speed. (see article)
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