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A cylindrical column is moving in a pool of still water. In the outer (artificial) boundary it is imposed first a slip boundary condition, which is perfectly reflecting (i.e. non-absorbing). A standing wave of a very large amplitude is formed, since the energy given by the column can not be irradiated through the artificial boundary. Then, we show the results when an aborbing layer is added and the energy flows through the boundary, and no standing wave is formed. Then we do the same for a circular movement of the column, again with and without absorbing lager.
The cubic cavity problem is similar to flow in a square cavity but in 3D. All faces of the cube have non-slip boundary condition an the top is set to unit velocity in x direction. The flow is incompresible. As the animation progress we se first in colours the mesh and the domain decomposition of the problem (in fact the computations have been actually done in a finer mesh, but in order to visualize the domain decomposition we show here a coarser mesh). Then we see he streamlines near the surface of the cube, the streamlines in the central rotating core, streamlines at several span stages, animated colormaps of "u" at several lateral (span) stages, colormaps of "u" at several heights, isosurfaces of vorticity.
Vortex shedding by a cylinder (see this video for interesting experimental results to compare).
Granular material is dropped from a certain height and the circulation of dust inside the room is computed. The room has two small openings at the lateral walls and one opening in the top of the roof. In the exterior a wind of 20kmh is running from left to right.
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