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Volume XXXIV. Number 19. High Performance Computing (A) A Parallel Implementation of a Dynamic Mesh Approach Using Supermesh Abstract   PDF
Horacio J. Aguerre, Santiago Márquez Damián, Juan M. Gimenez, Norberto M. Nigro
Volume XXXI. Number 7. Solid Mechanics (A) A Parametric Study on Nonlinear Elastodynamics Using Isogeometric Analysis and a Dissipative Energy-Momentum Conserving Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Luis R. Espath, Alexandre L. Braun, Armando M. Awruch
Volume XXXVI. Number 1. Plenary Talks (A) A Particle-Based Method for the Solution of Turbulent Fluid Flows Abstract   PDF
Sergio R. Idelsohn, Norberto M. Nigro, Axel Larreteguy, Juan M. Gimenez, Pavel Ryzhakov
Volume XXIX. Number 32. Fluid Mechanics (A) A PDE-Based Velocity Extrapolation Method for the Transport of the Level Set Function in Two Phase Liquid-Gas Flows Abstract   PDF
Roberto F. Ausas, Gustavo C. Buscaglia
Volume XL. Number 1. Plenary Talks A Perspective on the Role of Modeling and Simulation in Metal 3D Printing Abstract   PDF
Adrián Lew
Volume IX. Number 1 A Petrov-Galerkin Technique for the Solution of Transonic and Supersonic Flows Abstract   PDF
Carlos E. Baumann, Mario A. Storti, Sergio R. Idelsohn
Volume XXXV. Number 19. Fluid Mechanics (E) A Physically-Based Surface-Subsurface Hydrologic Model for Clear Creek Watershed Abstract   PDF
Marcela Politano, Antonio Arenas Amado, Larry Weber
Volume XXXV. Number 1. Plenary Talks A Physics-Based Reduced-Order Model for the Dynamic and Post-Buckling Behavior of Tensegrity Structures and Metamaterials Abstract   PDF
Julián J. Rimoli
Volume XXIX. Number 60. Computational Geometry (A) A Plugin Strategy for Extensible Configuration of Attributes in Geometric Modelling for Finite Element Simulations Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Morrot, William Wagner Matos Lira, Luiz Fernando Martha
Volume XXIV. Number 6. Mathematical Aspects. Turbulent Flows. A Posteriori Error Analysis And An Adaptive Strategy For A Generalized Stokes Problem. Abstract   PDF
Rodolfo Araya, Gabriel Barrenechea, Abner Poza
Volume XXVI. Number 9. Fundaments of Numerical Methods A Posteriori Error Estimates For The Finite Element Approximation Of Steklov Eigenvalue Problem. Abstract   PDF
Carlos Zuppa
Volume XIV. Number 12. Error Estimation A Posteriori Error Estimation in Sensitivity Analysis Abstract   PDF
Gustavo C. Buscaglia, Claudio Padra, Raúl A. Feijóo
Volume X. Number 4. Fluid Mechanics A Preconditioning Mass Matrix to Accelerate the Convergence to the Steady Euler Solutions Using Explicit Schemes Abstract   PDF
M. A. Storti, C. E. Baumann, S. R. Idelsohn
Volume XXX. Number 4. Fluid Mechanics (A) A Pressrised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) Coolant Channel Simulation of the Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant Abstract   PDF
Santiago Corzo, Damian Ramajo, Santiago án Márquez Dami, Norberto Nigro
Volume XXXIII. Number 29. Uncertainty and Stochastic Modeling (C) A Probabilistic Model for the Dynamic Analysis of Robotic Arms with Uncertain Parameters Abstract   PDF
Danilo Yeste Balbarrey, Marcelo T. Piovan
Volume XX. Number 3. Fluid Mechanics (C) A Program for the Solution of Transient Three Dimensional Flow Abstract   PDF
Luis Cardon
Volume XIX. Number 16. Contact Mechanics A Quasi Coulomb Model for Frictional-Contact Interfaces Abstract   PDF
C. García Garino, J. P. Ponthot, R. Boman, J. Oliver
Volume XXXVII. Number 17. Uncertainty Quantification and Stochastic Modeling (A) A Race in Monte Carlo Method: Numerical and Analytical Methods Abstract   PDF
Mariana Gomes, Roberta Lima, Rubens Sampaio
Volume XXVIII. Number 26. Constitutive Modeling of Materials (A) A Realizable Constitutive Model for Fiber-Reinforced Neo-Hookean Solids Abstract   PDF
Martín I. Idiart, Oscar Lopez-Pamies
Volume XXX. Number 13. Structural Dynamics (B) A Reduced Order Model of a 3D Cable Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Abstract   PDF
Mario R. Escalante, Rubens Rubens Sampaio, Marta B. Rosales, Thiago Ritto
Volume XXIX. Number 8. Structural Mechanics (F) A Reduced Order Model of Taut Cable Dynamics Using Karhunen-Loeve Decomposition Abstract   PDF
Mario R. Escalante, Omar R. Faure, Viviana C. Rougier, Marta B. Rosales, Carlos P. Filipich
Volume XXXVII. Number 50. Heat and Mass Transfer (B) A Regularization Operator for the Source Approximation of a Transport Equation Abstract   PDF
Guillermo F. Umbricht, Diana Rubio, Claudio D. El Hasi
Volume XXIX. Number 92. Identification and Reliability of Structures (B) A Reliability Criterion to Evaluate the Performance of Strut-and-Tie Models Applied in Design and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Abstract   PDF
João da Costa Pantoja, Luiz Eloy Vaz, Luiz Fernando Martha
Volume XXIX. Number 33. Fluid Mechanics (B) A Reservoir Management Operation System Based on Failures in the Attendance of the Water Demand Abstract   PDF
Antonio F. da Hora, Eduardo Marques, Gustavo C. de Noronha, Mônica de A. G. M. da Hora
Volume IX. Number 2 A Review of Theories on Structural Rupture: Fractures Mechanics and Continuum-Damage Mechanics Abstract   PDF
Guillermo J. Creus
Volume XXIX. Number 3. Structural Mechanics (A) A Review on Design Methods for Compliant Mechanisms Abstract   PDF
Alejandro E. Albanesi, Victor D. Fachinotti, Martín A. Pucheta
Volume XXXIX. Number 27. Multiphysics (D) A Rigid Body Library for Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Abstract   PDF
Mario A. Storti, Facundo Inzeo, Julián Medina, Laura Battaglia, Marcela Cruchaga
Volume XXVII. Number 41. Computational Geometry (B) A Robust Algorithm to Determine Surface/Surface Intersection in Both Parametric Spaces Abstract   PDF
Fábio G. Teixeira, Guillermo J. Creus
Volume XXXVII. Number 42. Computational Modeling in Bioengineering, Biomechanics, and Biomedical Systems (C) A Robust Formulation for Optical-Flow/Material Identification Problems Abstract   PDF
Jorge M. Pérez Zerpa, Gonzalo D. Maso Talou, Pablo J. Blanco
Volume XXXVIII. Number 3. Special Session in Tribute to Prof. Armando Awruch A Selective Technique for Metaheuristic Optimization of 3D Truss Structures Abstract   PDF
Javier Mroginski, Pablo A. Beneyto, Guillermo Gutierrez, Héctor A. Di Rado
Volume XXXII. Number 18. Multiphysics (B) A Shared-Memory-Based Coupling Scheme for Modeling the Behavior of a Nuclear Power Plant Core Abstract   PDF
Germán Theler, Juan P. Gómez Omil, Esteban Pellegrino
Volume XXVI. Number 17. Solid Mechanics (B) A Simple Numerical Implementation Of The Arrudaboyce Viscoplatic Model To Reproduce The Mechanical Behavior Of Uhmwpe Abstract   PDF
Ignacio Tomaš, Adrián P. Cisilino, P. M. Frontini
Volume XXIII. Number 22.Heat Transfer A Simplified Model For Heat Treatment Simulation Abstract   PDF
José Risso, Alberto Cardona, Andres Anca
Volume XXVII. Number 5. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (A) A Simultaneous Dynamic Optimization Approach to Address Restoration Policies in Reservoirs Abstract   PDF
Vanina Estrada, Elisa R. Parodi, M. Soledad Diaz
Volume XXXII. Number 15. Fluid Mechanics (C) A Sliding-Mesh Strategy Based on the Mixing of Continuous and Discontinuous Finite Element Methods for Compressible Flow Problems Abstract   PDF
Ezequiel J. López, Gustavo A. Ríos Rodríguez
Volume XXXII. Number 3. Solid Mechanics (B) A Small Strain Tensor for the Geometrically Exact Thin-Walled Composite Beam Abstract   PDF
C. M. Saravia, L. J. Saravia, Víctor H. Cortínez
Volume XXIX. Number 50. Applications of Computational Mechanics in Aerospatiale Technology (B) A Sonic Fix for Ideal Magnetogasdynamics Equations Abstract   PDF
Livio S. Maglione, Sergio A. Elaskar
Volume XXIII. Number 27.Mathematical Aspects of FEM A Stabilized Finite Element Method For Generalized Incompressible Flowproblems. Abstract   PDF
Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Miguel A. Fernández, Carolina I. Vidal
Volume XXIX. Number 81. Stabilized, multiscale, and multiphysics modeling in fluid mechanics A Stabilized Maximum-Entropy Method for the Stokes Problem Coupled with a Phase-Field Model of Biomembranes Abstract   PDF
Adrian Rosolen, Christian Peco, Marino Arroyo
Volume XXX. Number 4. Fluid Mechanics (A) A Statically Condensable Enrichment for Pressure Discontinuities in Two-Phase Flows Abstract   PDF
Roberto F. Ausas, Gustavo C. Buscaglia, Sergio R. Idelsohn
Volume XXII. Number 15. Scientific Computing (B) A Stiff Non-Linear Ode Simulation Of A Batch/Continuos Plant Using Matlab/Simulink©. Abstract   PDF
Guillermo A. Durand, J. Alberto Bandoni
Volume XXI. Number 17. Numerical Methods (E) A Straightforward Approach To Solve Ordinary Nonlinear Differential Systems Abstract   PDF
Carlos P. Filipich, Marta B. Rosales
Volume XXIV. Number 12. Aerospace Technology. A Strong Coupling Scheme For Fluid-StructureInteraction Problems With Dynamically Moving Boundaries In Viscous Incompressible Flows. Abstract   PDF
J. Yang, S. Preidikman, E. Balaras
Volume XXIX. Number 97. Computational Intelligence Techniques for Optimization and Data Modeling (E) A Study of the Combined USe of Differential Evolution and Genetic Algorithms Abstract   PDF
Eduardo K. da Silva, Helio J. C. Barbosa
Volume XXIX. Number 23. Interdisciplinary Topics in Mathematics (D) A Study of the Influence of Sparse Matrices Reordering Algorithms on Krylov-Type Preconditioned Iterative Methods Abstract   PDF
Kamila Ghidetti, Lucia Catabriga, Maria Claudia Boeres, Maria Cristina Rangel
Volume XXXI. Number 13. Structural Dynamics (D) A Study on Mode Shapes of Beams with Internal Hinges and Intermediate Elastic Restraints Abstract   PDF
Javier L. Raffo, Ricardo O. Grossi
Volume XXIX. Number 41. Solid Mechanics (A) A Study on Nonlinear Stress and Strain Fields in Two Dimensional Panels of Elastic Composite Materials Abstract   PDF
Clayton T. Aquino, Severino P. C. Marques, Eduardo N. Lages
Volume XXXIV. Number 11. Structural Analysis (C) A Study on the Effect of Two Internal Translational Elastic Restraints on Mode Shapes of Beams Abstract   PDF
Javier L. Raffo, Federico Ovejero
Volume XXV. Number 22. Plasticity, Damage and Fracture (B) A Suction Induced Modification In Elastoplastic Behaviour Of Partially Saturated Soils. Abstract   PDF
Javier L. Mroginski, Héctor A. Di Rado, Pablo A. Beneyto, Armando M. Awruch
Volume XXIX. Number 56. Heat Transfer (C) A Superconvergent Temperature Patch Procedure for Nodal Flux Recovery in Finite Element Computations Abstract   PDF
Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas, Marcos F. Odorczyk, Eduardo L. Cardoso, Miguel Vaz Jr.
Volume XX. Number 12. Mesh Generation A Surface Remeshing for Floating-Like Bodies with a Moving Free Surface Abstract   PDF
Jorge D'Elía, Mario A. Storti, Sergio R. Idelsohn
Volume XXXII. Number 46. Student Posters A Technique to Detect Cracks in Microscopic Images of Metal Surfaces Abstract   PDF
Luciano Gervasoni, Emmanuel Maggiori, José Massa, Rubén Wainschenker
Volume XXVII. Number 38. High Performance Computing in Computational Mechanics (A) A Tensor Library for Scientific Computing Abstract   PDF
A. C. Limache, Rojas Fredini
Volume XXXIII. Number 20. Constitutive Modeling of Materials (C) A Thermal Multiscale Model Considering Microscopic Heat Sources Abstract   PDF
Sebastián Giusti, Pablo Sanchez, Sebastián Toro
Volume XXXII. Number 1. Plenary Sessions A Thermomechanically Implicit Coupled Approach for Damage and Crack Propagation Abstract   PDF
J. P. Ponthot, C. Canales, P. P. Jeunechamps, L. Papeleux, R. Boman
Volume XXIX. Number 88. Application of Computational Methods in Petroleum Engineering (B) A Three-Dimensional Graphics Application for Numerical Simulations of Turbidity Currents in the Stratigraphic Modelling Process Abstract   PDF
Fabio P. Figueiredo, Luiz Fernando Martha, David Waltham
Volume XXIV. Number 12. Aerospace Technology. A Three-Dimensional Moving Finite Element Method Based On A Posteriori Error Estimation. Abstract   PDF
Gustavo Bono, Armando M. Awruch
Volume XXXIX. Number 15. Computational Fluid Dynamics (E) A Three-Phase Mixture Approach for the Simulation of Self-Aereated Flows with High Concentration of Bubbles Abstract   PDF
Federico Zabaleta, Santiago Márquez Damián, Fabián A. Bombardelli
Volume XXXVIII. Number 16. Structural Dynamics (B) A Time-Efficient Approach for the Computational Simulation of Cross-Rope Transmission Lines Dynamics Under Synoptic Wind Load Fields Abstract   PDF
Bruno J. Rango, Marta B. Rosales
Volume XXVIII. Number 5. High Performance Computing in Computational Mechanics A Tool for Automatic Parallelization of CPU-Intensive Java Applications on Distributed Environments Abstract   PDF
Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino, Marcelo Campo
Volume XXXV. Number 9. Bioengineering and Biomechanics (B) A Two-Component Fluid-Solid Finite Element Model of the Red Blood Cell Abstract   PDF
Gustavo C. Buscaglia, Luca Meacci, Roberto F. Ausas
Volume XIX. Number 10. Fluid Mechanics (A) A Two-Fluid Model\ for Wall-Bounded Bubbly Flows Abstract   PDF
A. E. Larrateguy, D. A. Drew, R. T. Lahey Jr.
Volume XXII. Number 20. Optimization A Two-Level Strategy For Topology And Orientation Optimization Of Laminated Shell Structures. Abstract   PDF
Carlos E. de Souza, Jun Sérgio Ono Fonseca
Volume XL. Number 21. Solid Mechanics (D) A U-P Implementation for Dynamic Simulation of Saturated Soil in a CUDA-Based MPM Framework Abstract   PDF
Javier Mroginski, Justin Bonus, Arduino
Volume XXXI. Number 11. Multiscale Modeling of Materials A Variational Approach for a Thermo-Mechanical Multiscale Constitutive Model Abstract   PDF
Sebastián M. Giusti, Pablo J. Blanco
Volume XXXIV. Number 32. Fluid Mechanics (D) A Variational Context for FSI Simulations Introducing Arbitrary Boundary Constraints Abstract   PDF
Andrés R. Valdez, Bernardo M. Rocha
Volume XXIV. Number 3. Constitutive Modelling of Materials A Variational Framework For Nonlinear Viscoelastic And Viscoplastic Models In Finite Deformation Regime Abstract   PDF
Laurent Stainier, Eduardo A. Fancello, Jean-Philippe Ponthot
Volume XXXII. Number 21. Multiphase Flows A Verification Problem for Thermal-Hydraulics Systems Codes Dealing with Twin-Parallel-Boiling Channels Abstract   PDF
Alejandro I. Lazarte, J. C. Ferreri
Volume XXVII. Number 18. Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Material Modeling (C) A Weak Discontinuity Model for Ductile Fracture Prediction Abstract   PDF
Alfredo E. Huespe, Alan Needleman, Javier Oliver, Pablo J. Sánchez
Volume XXXVII. Number 23. Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Microscale (B) A Wetting Front Generator for the Assessment of Capillarity Models Abstract   PDF
Gabriel S. Gerlero, Claudio L. A. Berli, Pablo A. Kler
Volume XXVII. Number 12. Structural Analysis and Design (B) Abollamiento de Columnas Tubulares Multilaminadas Bajo Cargas Monotónicas Abstract   PDF
Raúl Zaradnik, Silvia Raichman, Anibal Mirasso
Volume XXIX. Number 94. Computational Intelligence Techniques for Optimization and Data Modeling (B) Abordagem de Biogegrafia Usando Método de Arranjos Ortogonais Taguchi Aplicada à Optimizaςão de Despacho Econômico de Energia Elétrica Abstract   PDF
Marsil A. C. Silva, Viviana C. Mariani, Leandro S. Coelho
Volume XXXIV. Number 48. Optimization And Control: Theory And Applications (B) About Speedup Improvement of Classical Genetic Algorithms Using Cuda Environment Abstract   PDF
Javier L. Mroginski, Hugo G. Castro
Volume XXIX. Number 42. Solid Mechanics (B) About the Application of BEM Based on the Self-Regular Traction BIE in Elasticity Abstract   PDF
Adimar Fernandes Maia, Tatiana S. A. Ribeiro, Gabriel O. Ribeiro
Volume XXXIV. Number 19. High Performance Computing (A) About the Parallel Versatile Implementation of Finite Element Tearing and Interconnect Methods Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Cosimo, Alberto Cardona, Daniel Rixen
Volume XXVIII. Number 19. Fluid Mechanics (C) Absorbing Boundary Condition for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Partial Diferential Equations with Unknown Riemann Invariants Abstract   PDF
Rodrigo R. Paz, Mario A. Storti, Luciano Garelli
Volume XXXV. Number 2. Acoustics and Vibrations (A) Absorbing Boundary Conditions for 3D Anisotropic Media Abstract   PDF
Patricia M. Gauzellino, Juan E. Santos
Volume XXXVIII. Number 17. Structural Dynamics (C) Absorción de Ondas Elásticas Mediante Capas Perfectamente Acopladas Abstract   PDF
Adriano Trono, Denis Lorenzón, Federico Pinto, Marcelo A. Ceballos
Volume XXXVI. Number 4. Acoustics and Vibrations Acúfenos y Umbrales Auditivos Convencionales y de Rango Extendido de Alta Frecuencia Abstract   PDF
Ana L. Maggi, María Hinalaf, Sara Gaetan, Jimena Muratore, Jorge A. Pérez Villalobo, Pablo Kogan, Mercedes Hüg
Volume XXIX. Number 30. High Performance Computing in Computational Mechanics (A) Accelerating the Resolution of an Inverse Thermal Problem Via Posix Thread Api and Optmization Flags Abstract   PDF
Jonas L. Ansoni, Analice C. Brandi, Paulo Seleghim Jr.
Volume XXX. Number 35. Wind Engineering (B) Acción del Viento como Proceso Estocástico Aplicado a Líneas de Transmisión de Energía Eléctrica Abstract   PDF
Julio A. Mercanti, Horacio D. Pizzutti, Miguel A. Aguirre, Pamela Y. Fank, Oscar Möller
Volume XXII. Number 1. Fluid Mechanics (A) Acción Del Viento Sobre Cubiertas Abovedadas Aisladas: Resultados Numericos Preliminares. Details   PDF
Gustavo C. Balbastro, Victorio V. Sonzogni
Volume XXIII. Number 20. Computational Fluid Mechanics Acción Del Viento Sobre Cubiertas Abovedadas Aisladas: Simulación Numérica Abstract   PDF
Mario Alberto Storti, Gustavo C. Balbastro, Victorio E. Sonzogni, Gerardo Franck
Volume XXXVI. Number 10. Applications to Nuclear Power Reactors (B) Accidente de Pérdida de Refrigerante por Rotura de Colector de Entrada con Indisponibilidad del Sistema de Inyección de Emergencia del Núcleo en la Central Nuclear Embalse Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Ugarte, Alejandro I. Lazarte, Santiago F. Corzo
Volume XXV. Number 26. Aerospace Engineering (A) Accionamiento Mediante Actuadores Piezoeléctricos De Alas Flexibles Para Micro-Vehículos Aéreos Súper Maniobrables Inspirados En La Biología. Abstract   PDF
Sergio Preidikman, Julio C. Massa, María F. Bandi
Volume XXI. Number 15. Numerical Methods (C) Accurate Computations On Unstructure3d Meshes Abstract   PDF
Enrique Pardo
Volume XXVII. Number 14. Constitutive Materials Modeling (B) Accurate, Efficient and Robust Explicit and Implicit Integration Schemes for the Arruda-Boyce Viscoplastic Model Abstract   PDF
Ignacio Tomas, Adrián P. Cisilino, P. M. Frontini
Volume XXII. Number 16. Scientific Computing (C) Accurate Expressions In C-Xsc Abstract   PDF
Mariana L. Kolberg, Gerd Bohlender, Dalcidio M. Claudio
Volume XI. Number 5. Structural Dynamics Aceleração do Método Numérico para Obtenção de Limites Inferiores para Problemas de Auto-Valor Abstract   PDF
Vânia R. Velloso, Marcos S. Souza, Wagner L. Meirelles
Volume XXXVII. Number 12. Applications to Nuclear Power Reactors (B) Aceleración de Algoritmos de Resolución de Sistemas Lineales de Matrices Dispersas para Códigos de Combustibles Nucleares Abstract   PDF
Matías E. Loza Peralta, Martín Lemes, Aejandro Soba
Volume XXXIV. Number 20. High Performance Computing (B) Aceleración de Cómputo de Operaciones Trigonométricas y Matriciales para la Implementación de Algoritmos de Audición Robótica en FPGA Abstract   PDF
Valentín I. Lunati, Patrick Danès, Claudia Arias
Volume XXXI. Number 18. High Performance Computing Aceleración de un Modelo de Volúmenes Finitos en Arquitecturas Multi-Many-Core Abstract   PDF
Ernesto Dufrechou, Pablo Igounet, Pablo Santoro, Mónica Fossati, Pablo Ezzatti
Volume XXXV. Number 10. High Performance Computing (A) Aceleración de una Herramienta de Mecánica de Sólidos en Arquitecturas Multi- y Many-Cores Abstract   PDF
Rodrigo Bayá Crapuchett, Pablo Castrillo, Jorge Pérez Zerpa, Ernesto Dufrechou, Pablo Ezzatti
Volume XXVII. Number 12. Structural Analysis and Design (B) Acerca de la Conveniencia del uso de Algoritmos Genéticos como Herramienta para la Dosificación de Hormigones Abstract   PDF
Adrián Will, Paula Folino, Humberto Bálzamo, Guillermo Etse
Volume XXVII. Number 37. Inverse Problems and Applications (C) Acerca de la Propagación del Flujo a dos Fases en un Reactor Nuclear Abstract   PDF
Graciela B. Roston, María E. Ascheri, María C. Martín, Rubén Pizarro
Volume XXVII. Number 20. Heat Transfer (B) Acondicionamiento Térmico con Sustancias de Cambio de Fase Cuyos Parámetros Térmicos Dependen de la Temperatura Abstract   PDF
Ricardo F. Lozano, Angélica C. Boucíguez
Volume XXVI. Number 37. Aerospace Technology (B) Acoplamiento Coherente de Cuatro Ondas de Alfvén Abstract   PDF
Sergio A. Elaskar, Juan R. Sanmartín
Volume XX. Number 2. Fluid Mechanics (B) Acoplamiento de Modelos Unidimensionales y Multidimensionales para la Resolución de Problemas Hemodinámicos Abstract   PDF
Santiago Urquiza, Alejandro Reutemann, Marcelo Vénere, Raúl Feijóo
Volume XXXIV. Number 51. Signal And Image Processing Acoplamiento en la Estimación de la Orientación y la Altura Mediante Filtro Extendido de Kalman Abstract   PDF
Claudio J. Paz, Gonzalo F. Perez Paina, Martín A. Pucheta
Volume XXXIV. Number 29. Fluid Mechanics (A) Acoplamiento Mutiescala en Cálculos Fluidodinámicos Abstract   PDF
Federico A. Caccia, Enzo Dari
Volume XXX. Number 3. Solid Mechanics (B) Acoplamiento Termomecánico en Problemas Bidimensionales con Deformaciones Finitas Abstract   PDF
Walter B. Castelló, Fernando G. Flores
Volume XXXI. Number 20. Inverse Problems and Applications Acoustic Barrier Optimization Using the Topological Derivative and the Boundary Elementh Method Abstract   PDF
Agustín E. Sisamón, Silja C. Beck, Adrián P. Cisilino, Sabine Langer
Volume XXXI. Number 25. Teaching Computational Mechanics Active Learning in a Simulated Environment Abstract   PDF
Luis A. Godoy
Volume IX. Number 1 Actualidad y Perspectivas de la Hidráulica Computacional Abstract   PDF
Angel N. Menéndez
Volume XXIV. Number 2. Hydric Resources and Environmental Engineering Actualización del clima marítimo y simulación de propagación del oleaje de diseño para el Puerto Caleta La Misión, Tierra del Fuego, Atlántico Sur, Arg. Abstract   PDF
A Rodríguez, G Hillman, M. Pagot, C. Vionnet, J. P. Sierra, M. Corral
Volume XL. Number 25. Multiphysics (A) Actualización del Solver RhoCentralRFFoam y su Aplicación al Problema de la Ignición por Reflexión en Configuración Fuerte Abstract   PDF
Marcelo J. Frias, Luis F. Gutiérrez Marcantoni, Sergio A. Elaskar
Volume XXVI. Number 33. Symposium Dr. Carlos Prato (G) Actualizacion De La Percepcion Del Riesgo Sismico En El Valle Longitudinal De Las Sierras De Cordoba. Abstract   PDF
Ricardo J. Rocca
Volume XXIII. Number 23.Aerospace Engineering Adaptação Via Movimento De Malhas Em Escoamentos Compressíveis Abstract   PDF
Gustavo Bono, Armando M. Awruch
Volume XXXVII. Number 48. Optimization and Control: Theory and Applications (B) Adaptación Automática de Sensores Inferenciales Industriales. Un Enfoque Bayesiano Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel Sangoi, Carlos I. Sanseverinatti, Luis A. Clementi, Jorge R. Vega
Volume XXXI. Number 19. Mathematical Foundations Adaptación de Precondicionadores de Coeficientes Constantes para Coeficientes Variables Abstract   PDF
Marta B. Bergallo, Pedro Morin, Norberto Nigro
Volume XV. Number 3. Dynamics and Vibrations Adaptaciópn de Modelos Basada en Respuestas Dinámicas: una Comparación de Métodos Abstract   PDF
Rodrigo Pascual Jiménez, Mario Razeto Migliaro
Volume XXVI. Number 10. Mesh Generation and Error Estimation Adaptatividad En Cantidades De Interés A Partir De La Representación Nodal Del Error. Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Calderón, Pedro Díez
Volume XVI. Number 2. Mesh Generation Adaptatividad Tridimensional con Mallas no Estructuradas Abstract   PDF
Marcelo J. Vénere, Roberto Saliba, Raúl Feijóo
Volume XIII. Number 1. Adaptativity and Mesh Generation Adaptavity for the Control Volume Finite Element Method in Convection-Diffusion Problems Abstract   PDF
Claudio Padra, Axel Larrateguy
Volume XIII. Number 1. Adaptativity and Mesh Generation ADAPTE. Estimador de Erro para Problemas Planos em Elasticidade Linear Abstract   PDF
Eduardo E. Fancello, Raúl A. Feijóo
Volune XXIII. Number 1. Plenary Conferences Adaptive Embedded Unstructured Grid Methods. Abstract   PDF
Rainald Löhner, Juan Cebral, Marcelo Castro, Joseph D. Baum, Hong Luo, Eric Mestreau, Orlando Soto
Volume XXIX. Number 60. Computational Geometry (A) Adaptive Precision Based Fast Algorithms for Robust Surface Intersections Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Marques, André Pereira, Luiz Fernando Martha, Antonio Miranda, Marcelo Gattass
Volume XXVIII. Number 16. Computational Geometry (B) Adaptive Re nement of Unstructured Finite Element Meshes for Compressible Flow Abstract   PDF
Gustavo A. Ríos Rodríguez, Mario A. Storti, N. M. Nigro
Volume XXXIII. Number 30. Mathematical Foundations of Numerical Methods Adaptive Solutions of a Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Method for Porous Media Equations Abstract   PDF
Tomás P. Barrios, José Manuel Cascón, María González
Volume XXV. Number 11.Computational Mathematics (A) Adaptividad En El Método Sin Malla De Puntos Finitos. Abstract   PDF
Franco Perazzo, Rainald Löhner, Nicolás Ipinza
Volume XIXb. Number 5. Solid Mechanics (B) Adaptividad en Fractomecánica Tridimensional Abstract   PDF
R. Saliba, E. Taroco, C. Padra, R. Feijóo, M. Vénere
Volume XXXVII. Number 41. Computational Modeling in Bioengineering, Biomechanics, and Biomedical Systems (B) Adaptivite Schemes for FEM Approximation of the Higher-Order Generalized Cahn-Hilliard Equations Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel Y. Medina, Elson M. Toledo, Bernardo M. Rocha
Volume XL. Number 15. Structural Dynamics (B) Adecuación de Estructuras con Columna Corta mediante Disipadores Abstract   PDF
Carlos Martínez, Cristian Bay, María E. Compagnoni, Jose Roca, Andrés Campi
Volume XXVIII. Number 1. Plenary Sessions Adjoint-Based Design of Shock Mitigation Devices Abstract   PDF
Rainald Lohner
Volume XXXIX. Number 37. Surface and Interphase Modelling (A) Adsorción de Bentazona e Imazapyc del Agua Mediante el Uso de Sílica Funcionalizada: Análisis Experimental y Computacional Abstract   PDF
Diego Colasurdo, Sergio Laurella, Agustín Spaltro, Danila Ruiz, Sandra I. Simonetti, Patricia Allegretti
Volume XXIV. Number 19. Student Poster Session. Adsorción de Hidrógeno y Monóxido de Carbono Sobre Superficies de Molibdeno por Simulación de Monte Carlo en un Sistema Gran Canónico Details   PDF
Enrique M. Biasoni, Nelson J. Diosques, Carlos A. Cattaneo
Volume XL. Number 39. Surface and Interphase Modelling Adsorción de Monóxido de Carbono en Superficie Hierro Nickel: Estudio Computacional de la Estructura Electrónica y el Enlace Químico Abstract   PDF
Cesar A. Lanz, Matías H. Sosa Lissarrague, José M. Giambartolomei, Gabriel Canto, Sandra I. Simonetti
Volume XXXIX. Number 39. Surface and Interphase Modelling (C) Adsorción del Ácido Oleico en la Superficie NI(111) Abstract   PDF
Sandra Ulacco, Sandra I. Simonetti
Volume XXXI. Number 1. Plenary Sessions Advanced Composite Material Simularion Abstract   PDF
Sergio Oller
Volume XXXIV. Number 14. Industrial Applications (B) Advances in Solar Chimney Turbine Modelling Abstract   PDF
Leonardo P. Rangel, Bruno A. Contessi, Tomás A. Copes, Patricio Alberto, Karolline Ropelato
Volume XXXI. Number 1. Plenary Sessions Advances in the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for Multidisciplinary Problems in Engineering Abstract   PDF
Eugenio Oñate, Sergio R. Idelsohn, Miguel A. Celigueta, Riccardo Rossi
Volume XXXVII. Number 29. Computational Fluid Mechanics (E) Advances in the Pseudo-DNS Methodology: Database Construction for the Averaged Inertial Stresses on the Internal RVE Abstract   PDF
Juan M. Gimenez, Axel Larreteguy, Norberto M. Nigro, Leo González, Sergio Idelsohn
Volume XXXII. Number 12. High Performance Computing Advances in the Solution of NS Equations in GPU Hardware Abstract   PDF
Mario A. Storti, Santiago D. Costarelli, Lisandro Dalcin, Rodrigo R. Paz, Sergio Idelsohn
Volume XXXIII. Number 38. High Performance Computing Advances on the Solution of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) with an Embedded Strategy Abstract   PDF
Santiago Costarelli, Luciano Garelli, Mario Storti, Marcela Cruchaga, Sergio Idelsohn
Volume XXVIII. Number 4. Acoustics (C) Aeroacustic Measurements of Large Chord Wind Turbine Airfoils Abstract   PDF
Leonardo Errasquín, Ricardo Burdisso, William Devenport, Marcel Remillieux, Hugo Camargo
Volume XXIX. Number 38. Fluid Mechanics (G) Aerodinámica de Alas Batientes: Influencia del Desprendimiento de Vorticidad desde el Borde de Ataque Abstract   PDF
Bruno Roccia, Sergio Preidikman, Julio Massa
Volume XXV. Number 26. Aerospace Engineering (A) Aerodinámica De Flujos Bidimensionales E Inestacionarios Dominados Por Verticidad. Abstract   PDF
Marcelo F. Valdez, Sergio Preidikman, Julio C. Massa
Volume XXXV. Number 26. Multiphysics (B) Aerodinámica de Generadores Eólicos Aerotransportados que Operan a Gran Altitud Abstract   PDF
Manuel Valdano, Bruno A. Roccia, Luis R. Ceballos, Marcos L. Verstraete, Sergio Preidikman
Volume XXXII. Number 13. Fluid Mechanics (A) Aerodinámica del Vuelo a Números de Reynolds Ultra-Bajos (Re<10000) Abstract   PDF
Dino P. Antonelli, Carlos G. Sacco, José P. Tamagno
Volume XXXI. Number 6. Multiphysics Aerodinámica No-Estacionaria y Dinámica No-Lineal del Vuelo de Micro Vehículos Aéreos de Alas Batientes Inspirados en la Biología Abstract   PDF
Bruno Roccia, Sergio Preidikman, Alejandro Brewer, Julio Massa
Volume XXVI. Number 15. Fluid Mechanics (C) Aerodynamic Analysis Of Buildings Using Numerical Tools From Computational Wind Engineering. Abstract   PDF
Alexandre L. Braun, Armando M. Awruch
Volume XXXVII. Number 46. Multiphysics (D) Aerodynamic Coefficient Identification Using Moving Horizon Estimation Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Nicolás Trivisonno, Lucas Genzelis, Luciano Garelli, Leonardo Govanini, Mario A. Storti
Volume XXXIV. Number 19. High Performance Computing (A) Aerodynamic Flight Coefficients using Parallel Computing Techniques Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Trivisonno, Luciano Garelli, Mario Storti, Gustavo R. Rodriguez
Volume XXI. Number 23. Structural Dynamics (B) Aerodynamic Instability Of Slender Structures Subjected To Wind Action Abstract   PDF
Jorge D. Riera, Daniel Ambrosini, Letícia F. F. Miguel, Tatiana T. Oliveira, João Kaminski Jr.†
Volume XXI. Number 4. Fluid Mechanics (D) Aerodynamic Performance Analysis Of A Low-Speed Acrobatic Airplane By Numerical Simulation Abstract   PDF
Andres D. Ortiz, Luis E. Quiroz, Rodolfo A. Köck
Volume XXXII. Number 7. Wind Engineering Aerodynamic Study of a Small-Scale Wind Turbine Abstract   PDF
E. Barbier, P. A. Bucello, S. D'hers, P. Mosquera Michaelsen, B. Pritz, N. Bottini, M. Micheloud
Volume XXIX. Number 7. Structural Mechanics (E) Aeroelastic Tailoring of Composite Plates Through Eigenvalues Optimization Abstract   PDF
Daniel M. De Leon, Carlos E. de Souza, Jun S. O. Fonseca, Roberto G. A. da Silva
Volume XXXV. Number 25. Multiphysics (A) Aeroelasticidad Computacional de Grandes Aerogeneradores: Estado del Arte, Desafíos y Áreas de Vacancia Abstract   PDF
Mauro S. Maza, Sergio Preidikman, Fernando G. Flores
Volume XXX. Number 13. Structural Dynamics (B) Aeroelasticidad de Grandes Turbinas Eólicas de Eje Horizontal: Un Enfoque Fundado en la Dinámica de Sistemas Multicuerpo Abstract   PDF
Cristian G. Gebhardt, Sergio Preidikman, Martin H. Jørgensen, Julio C. Massa
Volume XXX. Volume 28. Multiphysics Aeroservoelastic Behavior of a Wind Turbine Typical Section with an Active Smart Flexible Flap Abstract   PDF
Nicolás G. Tripp, Sergio Preidikman, Anibal E. Mirasso
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